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How do I change the length of the URLs generated by mod_autoindex?

The NameWidth keyword allows you to specify the width of the filename column in bytes.

  • -NameWidth (or unset) allows mod_autoindex to calculate the best width.
  • NameWidth=n fixes the column width to n bytes wide.
  • NameWidth=* grows the column to the necessary width.

Below is an example on how to edit your httpd.conf file to enable unlimited characters:

# IndexOptions: Controls the appearance of server-generated directory
# listings.
IndexOptions FancyIndexing VersionSort NameWidth=*

(13)Permission denied: /www/.htaccess pcfg_openfile: unable to check htaccess file, ensure it is readable

This can range in exact location but at the core it is a permissions issue.

  • While child directories of the DocumentRoot can have a permission value of 744 the DocumentRoot needs to have a permission of 755.
  • Ensure all .htaccess files have a permission of 755
chmod 755 filename
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