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Bash Rename File Extensions

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This is a simple function to quickly rename many files using Bash. It can be very useful for renaming pictures, mp3s, and movies.

Supported Operating Systems

  • Mac OS X and Terminal
  • Unix
  • Linux


  • Bash


Below is a simple example for renaming uppercase jpg files to lowercase:

for i in *.JPG; do mv $i ${i%%.JPG}.jpg; done
for f in *.jpg; do mv "$f" "${f%.jpg}"; done

If you would like to use this function for other types of files here is a basic template:

for i in *.<EXISTING_EXT>; do mv $i ${i%%.<EXISTING_EXT>}.<RESULTING_EXT>; done

Another examples

for i in *.JPG; do j=`echo $i | cut -d . -f 1`; j=$j"_from_mark.jpg"; echo $j; mv $i $j; done;
for i in *.py; do cp "$i" "${i%-*}.py"; done
for i in *.py; do mv "$i" "${}"; done

String Operations

for i in *; do mv $i ${i#1440.jpg.*}.jpg; done
printf "%s\n" img{00{1..9},0{10..99},{100..999}}.png

Basic Example (Files without File Extensions)

for f in *; do mv "$f" "$f.jpg"; done
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