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Dee Jay Instructions

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Setup Hardware

SKB Case

It is best to start with the black SKB case as it contains all of the cables you will be needing.

  • Simply twist the metal wing nuts to open the front cover and the twist the plastic nuts to open the back.
  • The back cover will fit into the front cover to keep everything organized.


  • Remove the orange extension cord from the SKB case and plug it in.
  • Attach the surge strip to the orange extension cord and ensure the switch is in the on position.

Speaker Stands

The stands are tel-lock so if operated correctly you won't have to worry about speakers crashing down.

  • Take the stand out of the bag and release the clamp.
  • Ensure that all three legs are free and able to expand.
  • With one hand on the center pipe and one hand on one of the three top joints push down to expand the stand. Once the base has expanded 75% lock the clamp to hold it in place.
  • At the top of the stand there is an expansion pipe. Push in the pins on the sides and pull the expansion pipe straight up until it locks into place.


There are fitted holes on the bottom of each speaker.

  • Simply set the speaker on top of the extended expansion pipe.
  • Find the Speakon cables in the SKB box. They should be black with blue ends. Plug one end into the speaker.
  • The Speakon connector should go straight in and then twist to lock in place. To remove the connection pull back the blue locking jacket and turn in the opposite direction.
  • To raise the speaker ensure the tel-lock wheel is in the raise position. With your foot on the base of the stand to hold it down lift the speaker and the center pipe up slowly until the stand is fully extended. You will feel the center pipe reach its max and will go no further.

Sub-woofer and Amplifier

The Matrix 1000 is on casters so it should move fairly easy when pushed.

  • Remove the cover and gently lay the unit down so that it rests on the rubber feet. The amplifier is on the back of the unit.
  • Attach the other end of the Speakon cables you attached to the speakers earlier to the associated left and right of the amplifier
  • Locate the power cable (biggest one) in the SKB case and plug in the unit to the surge strip.
  • Ensure all the volume dials are in the far left position and turn the unit on. Once everything is configure properly return to the knobs and turn them to the 75% position.

Sonic Maximizer

Not all systems have the sonic maximizer. You can check by looking in the SKB case and if you see a red box by BBE you have a sonic maximizer and should continue otherwise skip down to the Mixer.

  • Find the Short 1/4 to 1/4 cables in the SKB box and connect the 1/4 inch side to the Input ports on the rear of the unit. The other side of the cable will be connected to the Mixer.
  • Find the Medium length XLR to 1/4 cables and connect the 1/4 inch side to the Output ports on the rear of the unit. Connect the XLR side of the cable to the associated XLR inputs on the Amplifier.
  • Plug the unit into the surge strip and turn it on using the switch on the front.


  • Remove the Mixer from its case and place it on top of the SKB case.
  • Connect the 2 1/4 inch cables coming from the Input ports on the rear of the Sonic Maximizer.
  • If a microphone is needed locate an XLR cable from the SKB case and attach the male end to channel 1 on the mixer and the female end to the microphone.
  • Locate the orange and gray audio cable in the SKB case and attach the 1/4 inch side to channel 3.
  • Locate the MP3+ USB audio adapter in the SKB case or with the Notebook computer. Plug the remaining side of the orange and gray audio cable into the Audio Out on the MP3+.

Software Setup

Notebook Computer

Remove the computer from its case and plug it into the surge strip configure in Hardware Setup.

  • Attach the USB MP3+ device to one of the rear USB ports.
  • Boot the computer into windows. User: ljackson Pass: <none>
  • Once the computer has booted launch the MixMiester 6 application.
  • It should show the previous performed playlist. You can simply save this as a new playlist by going to File > Save As. Save the file in the format below.
<Location Name> DD.MM.YYYY
  • Once the playlist is saved you are ready to alter it to fit your event.
  • Ensure that the audio output is configured correctly. Under Tools > Audio Output Configuration... Ensure that the main output is Sound Blaster and the Preview is set to Something Else.
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