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Add Freshrpms repo

yum install ffmpeg-devel
Dependencies Resolved
Transaction Listing:
  Install: ffmpeg-devel.i386 0:0.4.9-0.20050427.1.1.fc3 - freshrpms

Performing the following to resolve dependencies:
  Install: SDL-devel.i386 0:1.2.7-8 - base
  Install: a52dec-devel.i386 - freshrpms
  Install: alsa-lib-devel.i386 0:1.0.6-8.FC3 - updates-released
   Install: faac-devel.i386 - freshrpms
  Install: faad2-devel.i386 0:2.0-4.1.fc3 - freshrpms
  Install: ffmpeg.i386 0:0.4.9-0.20050427.1.1.fc3 - freshrpms
  Install: fontconfig-devel.i386 0:2.2.3-5 - base
  Install: imlib2-devel.i386 0:1.2.1-2.fc3 - extras
  Install: lame.i386 - freshrpms
  Install: lame-devel.i386 - freshrpms
  Install: libogg-devel.i386 2:1.1.2-1 - base
  Install: libvorbis-devel.i386 1:1.1.0-1 - base
  Install: xorg-x11-devel.i386 0:6.8.2-1.FC3.45.2 - updates-released
  Install: xvidcore-devel.i386 - freshrpms
Total download size: 11 M
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