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Align Object(s) to Artboard

Align Options, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Align to Art Board
Align Options, Adobe Illustrator CS2, Align to Art Board

Is there a way to align elements on the artboard in Adobe Illustrator, such as centering a group of objects into the direct center of the artboard?

I had originally posted this question on Photoshop Techniques, and found out a few workaround methods for doing this, but it seemed like there would be an easier way to do this, as it’s very simple to do in Photoshop (Select the layer or group of layers, and the background, and click “center”).

Purely by accident, I found out how to do this while working on a customer project at work. I was trying to align two objects along their left margin, and it kept pushing them to the left side of the document at the same time. I messed around with it, and it was actually aligning it to the artboard. It turns out, there’s a simple option, if you pull up the Align pallette. Click the flyout arrow on the Align pallette, and you’ll see an option for “Align to Art board”.

This may have been something that was well-known, but I wasn’t aware of it, so I hope this can help someone else out there!


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