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Windows XP

Delete invalid filename "mshdmd.sys."

C:\WINDOWS\system32\drivers>dir /x
01/25/2013  10:36 PM                32 MSHDMD~1     mshdmd.sys.

Dir /x will produce the usual Directory listing, but with an extra column showing the SFN (Short File Name, also called the 8.3 filename) before the LFN.

Many LFNs appear to be valid SFNs, but are not, because they use undisplayable characters or some other technique. Dir /x forces the display of a valid SFN. Then you can use that SFN with the Del or other DOS command. (As usual in a "DOS" window, of course, type the command name followed by /? to see a mini-help file listing all the switches and parameters available for that command.)

del MSHDMD~1
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