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You are right the average user wouldn't ever connect the fact that their computer is only slow when displaying Flash content. It took me at least a handful of repeated attempts searching for "flash slow firefox" to find anything with substance.

It wasn't until I search for "flash 10 requirements" after a comment here [url][/url] suggested it was processor related.

Finally a search for "flash 10 ppc" brought me to this little gathering.

Interestingly enough I have 1.5 GHz PowerPC G4 with 1.25GB DDR SDRAM and the WALL-E video plays fine for me. However as soon as I start to "multi-tab" with Facebook, You-tube, etc I notice the lag. I've also found it to be related to the total available memory.

In the end I agree with you that Adobe likely "purposely" choose not to notify users as this would prevent them from upgrading. It's much more beneficial in terms of platform numbers to have only the wise users revert vs preventing all (users with PPC Macs) from upgrading in the first place.

Seems like those phrases always stay true "out with the old and in with the new" too bad there really isn't anything wrong with our computers but yet sooner rather than later we'll likely be forced to upgrade solely because Adobe would rather net the cost of maintaining a PPC build as revenue instead of maintaining user satisfaction.

Who knows maybe they even spent of few grand on market research to determine the specific percentage of users who would be affected and deemed it an "acceptable loss"? Seeing as there really isn't any contender to Flash wouldn't be surprised.

Maybe we just have a diluted expectation of lifecycle? Nevertheless I'm sure Adobe won't disappoint us...the next version of flash will be sure to notify us of the lack of resources. :)

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