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There is no built-in Graphical User Interface (GUI) client for scp on Mac OS X.

There for this tutorial describes how to configure your Mac for GUI based scp.


  • Mac OS X
  • Fugu GUI SCP Client - Download

Install Fugu

Installing .DMG Applications on Mac OS X is very simple. Simply drag the icon from the .DMG image window into your Applications folder and you are done.


Fugu Screenshot
Fugu Screenshot

Once you have installed Fugu simply enter the information into the fields provided.

  • Connect: Server Address
  • User Name: Login ID
  • Port: SCP port number (Default port 22)
  • Directory: Starting directory (Optional)

After you click connect Fugu will attempt to authenticate with the server based on the servers installed mechanisms. This simply means that if you are not using Public Key Authentication it will fall back to password authentication and prompt you for your password.

Public Key Authentication

If you have many different servers that you have to connect to on a daily basis it may be more effective for you to use Public Key Authentication. With this feature enabled you are able to securely authenticate to servers with out typing in a password. Unfortunately in order to use it you will have to configure you server and client to support it.

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