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What do these (#) (*) symbols mean in the title bar (file name)?


If you see an asterisk (*), it means your image is in a color profile other than your working space default. If your working space is Adobe RGB and your image is too, then no asterisk, but if instead you open a file in sRGB, it will have an asterisk at the end of the title bar information to let you know about the profile mismatch. This isn't a bad thing necessarily since you could easily have opened it this way on purpose. Photoshop is just subtly letting you know about the situation.

If instead you see a pound sign (number sign, hash sign, #), it means your image has no color profile associated with it. More than likely, this is a bad sign if you are editing an image you care about. Photoshop is not color managing the image so what you see on the screen may not accurately reflect what the image actually looks like. You should use the Edit >> Assign Profile menu command to assign the correct profile to the image.


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